Monday, January 21, 2013

bareMinerals 100% Natural Lipgloss on Birthday Cake - Review + Swatches

The moment I first walked into the bareMinerals boutique and spotted Birthday Cake, I knew that I had to have it.  However, it took me literally six months to actually purchase it for myself.  It was one of those glosses that made every client go "WOAH no way!" when I pulled it from the display to show them, but I will say that every single one of them was surprised once they tried it on.

The texture of the bareMinerals Natural Lipgloss line varies significantly, from some shades feeling gritty due to the ingredients, to some shades, like Birthday Cake ($15 USD), that feel so so cushiony and smooth, although still thicker and tackier.  As you can see below, although the color in the tube is a CRAZY fuchsia with subtle blue (!!) pearl, on the lips its a sheer pop of pink that adds extra life to lips.  I can usually wear the Natural Lipglosses for about three hours before it's worn away, and I find my lips feel softer and more moisturized afterwards.

This is one of those glosses that will surprise everyone when you take it out of your bag!  The brush applicator fits lips wonderfully and applies with no scratchiness or streakiness, and the formula is buildable, so you can go for sheer coverage or build it up for more intense color.  I did notice however that it isn't particularly glossy, but that my be due to the thicker formula.

Bare Lips, no lip balm
 Birthday Cake                                                        

 The verdict?  If you're looking for a wearable pink gloss that's moisturizing and doesn't contain any icky ingredients, then totally go for it!  I bought mine at a bareMinerals Boutique, but you can find it online, or at Sephora stores.

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