Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: bareMinerals Correcting Concealer SPF 20 - Light 2

Ahh bareMinerals.  How I love you.  I have never found a product made by you that I didn't like quality-wise.  I actually have no need for concealer as I was thankfully blessed with pretty decent skin, but when I worked for bareMinerals in the past, I found myself using this product on clients almost all the time.  Behold: the Correcting Concealer ($20 USD).

      Compared to bareMinerals' other concealer called Bisque, which is a powder, the Correcting Concealer is a cream concealer.  Described as a "creamy concealer with SPF 20 protection that hides imperfections and diminishes the appearance of dark spots and discolorations", it is a thicker feeling formula than what I am used to.  One of the main ingredients in this concealer is lemon peel extract, which helps to brighten and reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolorations over time.  While using this at the boutique, I found that it concealed dark spots beautifully and heavy undereye darkness very well.  However is applies very heavily with the fingers so I would recommend a fluffy concealer blending brush to apply and build from there.
                                   Applied heavily, then heavily over my freckle.  It is very snowy here in Mass. so excuse the lighting!

The shade range is extensive, ranging from Light 1 to Deep 2 (1 shades are cool toned/pink and 2 shades are warm toned/yellow).  I was given Light 2 as gratis to use on my own.  Admittedly, I rarely do use it, as I really only conceal under my eyes and I found this was to creamy to stay put for more than two hours under my eyes given that I have small lines from my allergies (don't rub your eyes kids!).  On my face, I applied it after primer and before foundation over some small acne scars and I found it concealed very nicely and wore all day with no hiccups.  As for the lemon peel extract, I cannot voice whether or not it works as I don't wear the concealer every day.

The Verdict?  If you have dark spots/acne scars/acne to conceal, I would try it.  If you wanted to conceal dark circles, I would leave this for people who have younger, smooth undereyes.  Those with lines under their eyes should try a thinner formula.

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