Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: MAC Fever blush - For Neither the Faint of Heart Nor the Fair-Skinned

This happened to be the first MAC blush I ever purchased.  I had seen a review of it on and decided I would hunt it down and give it a try myself!

Described as an "intense reddish-burgundy", Fever ($20 USD) is a dark red raspberry with CRAZY pigmentation.  I'm not kidding you, if someone of my skintone (about NW110-115) wanted to use this, you have to just barely tap the top of the product with the brush and make sure you buff it out well!  A stippling brush like MAC's 188 is recommended for use in order to get just a light dusting of product.  The result is a GORGEOUS natural flush, the combination of the red and pink in the color blends out to mimic a healthy flush in the skin when used lightly (which is an understatement, but you get the picture).  

Right: swatched lightly then blended out. Left: swatched heavily

This is definitely one of those "don't wanna overdo it" blushes.  I accidentally put too much on the brush once and ended up looking like a sunburned clown.  I would only recommend going heavy-handed if you have significantly darker skin than I do.

The Verdict?  If you're looking for a blush that naturally mimics pinched cheeks, then hunt it down!  Luckily it won't be hard to find, as Fever is a part of the permanent blush collection.

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