Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

I know.  Lip balm as my first review may seem boring, but I promise!  These little guys are worth it!

Please excuse the picture quality!
  Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balms ($7.50) are probably my favorite lip balm on Earth in the Universe.  And I've used many, yet I keep coming back to this one.  These are described as "a conditioning lip balm that protects lips from sun and wind, with soothing effects."  They come in five flavors: Natural Mint & Shea Butter, Lemon & Chamomile, Grapefruit & Ginger, Black Tea & Blackberry and Vanilla & Lavender. 
      I seem to have a Pokemon complex with these, I just gotta catch them all!  I have all flavors except the Mint (I don't care much for minty flavors).  With how chronically dry my lips are, these are a godsend.  I used the EOS Smooth Spheres for a long time and was always wondering why my lips were still dry.  Even when I worked up to the Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm, my lips would still peel like they were sunburned!  I had used Jack Black in the past and figured I would give it a try again.  BEHOLD!  My lips were back to normal after one use and I don't think I will ever switch to another brand.  To the Budget Queen (like me!) these may seem a tiny bit pricey at $7.50 a pop, but they are seriously worth every penny.  I found mine at Sephora, but not at Sephora Inside JC Penney.  You can also order them off of the Jack Black Website.

The verdict?  Yes.  Absolutely.  They are moisturizing, smell amazing and pretty affordable.  Anyone who has a problem with dry lips should definitely try them!

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